Stuart back in 1972

How about the Vamp Amp?

At the Sparkford Inn 1972

Stuart with Noel Edmonds in 1975 at Sherborne

Stuart first took to the road with his mobile disco whilst living in Yeovil back in 1969 and his first gig was at the Quayside Discotheque at Weymouth where he was paid just £5.00 \
“In those days a fiver was alot of money you could get to Weymouth and back for less than 50p’s worth of fuel. My first set up was a pair of Garrard SP25 decks  a 50 watt linear valve amp, two home made speaker cabs  a pair of light boxes a UV lamp and a microphone. I didn’t have a mixer and I therefore had to fill in with plenty of chat whilst waiting for the next record to start playing” said Stuart. “I soon picked up regular gigs at pubs and signed up to a couple of local entertainment agencies who kept me busy and it wasn’t long before I was out four or five nights a week. In my early days I backed many bands at the Assembly Rooms including Slade and Cupids Inspiration”. 
Ploughing all the money he made from gigs back in to up grading his equipment Stuart soon built up a show second to none and signed up to agencies in Salisbury and Hove where he played the Military establishment circuit from Bovington to Middle Wallop and Culdrose to Lynham, he also performed regularly at Bath and Reading University’s and played many open air gigs with acts such as Wizzard. He also hosted a show on local Hospital Radio
and did a stint on Radio North Sea. By the mid seventies Stuart was starting to put more emphasis into the showman and introduced a Crazy World of Arthur Brown Fire act into his show using pyrotechnics with flashes, smoke and theatrical maroons. This part of Stuart’s show saw him perform in strobe lighting and tearing some of his clothes off that were put together with Velcro. “The audiences that I performed in front of went wild and I can recall one evening when we had run out of our usual smoke pellets and substituted them with greenhouse smoke pellets which used to be used for getting rid of green fly. There was so much smoke that they had to vacate the club and it took 45 minutes for the smoke to clear needless to say I didn’t go back there again”. He also used theatrical make up, blood capsules and false hair which he ripped out in handfuls... Stuart went up and down the country with the Bass ‘Carling Black Label Roadshow’ and backed Radio Luxembourg and Radio 1 DJ’s including Noel Edmonds, Peter Powell, Kid Jensen, Rosko and the late Stuart Henry he also travelled to France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark performing in night clubs. In 1977 his show took on a new dimension ‘Horror’ and with two suitcases full of masks and costumes Stuart embarked on scarring and entertaining audiences the likes that had never been seen performed by a DJ before. “I went from being a Werewolf to a Skeleton and back to the Incredible Hulk during the course of playing the 12” version of Disco Inferno by the Players Association. It was at the Tavern venue in Dorchester that Stuart first met Screaming Lord Sutch “He was impressed with my show as I was with his and we struck up a long friendship that saw him open the Night Club that I managed in Yeovil in 1979 and then of course in 1985 he got me into politics and everyone knows the rest”.

Stuart kept his hand in DJ’ing in the early 80’s and performed at several venues including Carinas a club he later went on to manage “I also played a few clubs between 1989 and 1992 at Bridport and Nero's Okehampton and backed the bands including Edwin Starr and Bad Manners at the Sidmouth Caribbean Night”.  
Always prepared to give anything a go he made friends with Dave Maughan a recording engineer from Gateshead and went into the recording studio in 1993 during the run up to the general election to record 'Loony Loony' as Big Benn and the Pundits, however the project was shelved as the timing for its release was too close to election day.  It was finally released in 1997 on the Face music label and the CD crept into the top 100. Stuart was of course hoping he was going to make it to No.10. 
One of the other tracks on the CD is Pundifesto which features Stuart alias Big Benn quoting some of the Loony policies that formed part of his Raving Loony Green Giant Party's Manifesto several relate to the recession and it is hoped that in 2009 it will be available to download on Napster as Stuart feels that at least it will help put a smile on folks faces. The two tracks can be heard on either the Home or Loony Years pages.

In 2008 Stuart hit the road once again “There had been so many comebacks what with the Spice Girls and Take That and it was definitely the right time for the return of Stuart HughesThe smoking ban played its part in my decision plus the fact that both the Carnival and Tango Juvenile Carnival Club which are part of my life were and still are desperate for funds and this seemed to be the way to help. I also hadn’t been impressed with many of the DJ’s I had seen  as all they appeared to do was put on the music with little or no chat they certainly hadn't any personality.
Stuart contacted agent Stephen Paul of Devon Mobile Disco's based in Exmouth who soon found him plenty of work DJ'ing at venues all over Devon. This year sees Stuart celebrating his 41st Anniversary since first hitting those wheels of steel back in 1969 and whilst 
not looking to be out every night of the week he would be happy with one or maybe two gigs  and so if anyone is looking for a DJ who knows how to entertain, well he certainly has all the credentials and knowledge of music especially the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s. His new show has over 1,000watts of RCF power which is crystal clear and the lightshow is stunning with lasers and led's playing their part. Special effects include Snow, Bubbles and Smoke. Stu's back and he's ready to entertain you.  

Now in 2010 Stuart has completed a full circle having joined the team at Bay FM Exmouth  hosting his own show
'Stuart Hughes Sunday Jukebox' online between 2.00 and 4.00pm. "Community radio is such an important means of communication and I want to play my part in ensuring Bay FM receives its FM license".

Roadies remembered  With the amount of gear that had to be rigged back in the 70's on Stuart's Roadshow it required a team of committed roadies. The role of honour and thanks go to Dave Hayward (ahh ahh) Martin Jones (Jonah), Roger Wimlett (Wimole), Gerald Morton (Gerry), Keith Wayne (KWN) and Terry Robinson (who did all the Carling shows).

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